Captain America Sticker Pack


This sticker pack includes 3 of each sticker. The stickers are printed on high quality glossy sticky paper at a high resolution and are both kiss and die cut for ease of use.

Size details(mm): Helmet 50×55, Shield 50×50 at their biggest points.

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Captain America's original uniform was an ad-hoc uniform adapted from the costume that he wore in his USO productions. To make the costume less conspicuous and more combat worthy, Steve borrowed the "A" helmet from one of the Star Spangled Singers along with a combat leather jacket, pants, boots and googles. He used it in his mission to save Bucky Barnes and a battalion of P.O.W.s that had been captured by HYDRA. This sticker depicts the updated version worn by Rogers later on in his life.

Captain America's shield was his primary defensive and offensive weapon. The shield that Steve Rogers carried into battle was made of indestructable steel and was shaped like a traditional heater shield. Later, Rogers adopted this more well-known, disc-shaped shield which was made out of vibranium.


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