Trooper Sticker Pack


This sticker pack includes 3 of each sticker. The stickers are printed on high quality glossy sticky paper at a high resolution and are both kiss and die cut for ease of use.

Size details(mm): Sith Trooper 60×45, Stormtrooper 70×38 at their biggest points.

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In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, the Sith Lord Dath Sidious declared himself Emperor of the First Galactic Empire, ending the thousand-year age of the Galactic Republic and inaugurating a new era in galactic history. As a result the clone troopers that composed the Grand Army of the Republic became the first stormtroopers during the early years of the Empire. Over time the cloning operation on Kamino was shut down; future troopers were no longer clones but recruited from the Empire's human population, yet still trained for absolute loyalty and obedience.

Sith troopers were elite soldiers in an army raised on the planet Exegol by the Sith Eternal - Sith cultists who revered the dark side of the Force and were devoted to the Sith religion. Though they did not have the power of the Force, Sith troopers shared the name of the revived sect of the dark side, drawing inspiration from a dark and ancient legacy. As such, their dark armour was reminiscent of Sith lightsabers. They were a culmination of an elaborate contingency meant to ensure the eternal reign of a new Sith Empire, returning the galaxy to a dark age of a thousand years past.


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